We All Do Stupid Things at 17

After Donald Trump Jr. said in defense of Kyle Rittenhouse “We All Do Stupid Things at 17”, I got together my insanely talented friends and created this sketch to… “prove his point”! Enjoy!

Sperm Vases – For His Pleasure Only!

On September 6, 2020 Antonis Alexandridis, a contestant on “Big Brother Greece” said that he needs to “find a woman every night to empty his… packet, otherwise there’s gonna be rape”. This video is for him and everybody else who thinks like him.

An Alleged Hollywood Sexual Predator Addresses Accusations

When #metoo tries to take down yet another Hollywood legend, he doesn’t hold back and he puts an end once and for all to the “She said… He Said” debate!

Melania Knows Why Trump Loves Hydroxychloroquine

Is Donald Trump actually taking Hydroxychloroquine and does he have an agenda for pushing this drug even though he doesn’t have a medical degree? Melania has the answers! (May 20, 2020)

Clips from Liana’s one-woman show Fifty Shades of Melania

One-woman show “Fifty Shades of Melania”. Written – Performed by: Liana Mesaikou Directed by: Chelsea Sutton Live taping at the Chain Studio Theatre, October 2019 (NY Fringe)

Thank You Notes From A Nasty Woman

March 2020: Even in quarantine, there are still plenty of things to be grateful for!

FLYLF – Fifty Shades of Melania

Theme song from my one-woman show: Fifty Shades of Melania

Written – performed by: Liana Mesaikou, Music by: DJ Sneaky Pete, Shot – edited by: Ryan Nichols

Voting Vaginas

Performed at the Gary Austin stage at The Groundlings, on October 21st, 2018.

Written – Performed by: Liana Mesaikou, Directed by: Ariane Price