Dear America

(poster by: Mimika Kapoula)

Liana has created and hosts her own one-woman late-night comedy show “Dear America with Liana Mesaikou” discussing the latest news through the perspective of a feminist immigrant living in the US.

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Episode 1

Liana discussing allegations of mass hysterectomies on migrant women at an ICE detention center in Georgia, Carole Baskin’s appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” and news of Jim Carrey being cast as Joe Biden on SNL.

Episode 2

In this episode, Liana discusses the hypocrisy of the GOP as it rushes in to fill a Supreme Court seat merely weeks before the election, fears that Trump might not step down if he loses, as well as Emmy jokes and diversity hires.

Episode 3

A one-woman late-night show, created – hosted by: Liana Mesaikou. In this episode, Liana is looking for a platonish new friend to share the apocalypse (that is the election) together and — motivated by the president — is trying hard to not let certain things dominate her life. It’s not too late to show up and make your voice heard! Vote!SHOW LESS