I was born in the country that prides on having given world democracy, although sometimes I wish we had invented the banking system instead. That’s right, I come from the land equally known for its sun and debt: Greece!

I have been a geek from a very early age, the kind of geek that teachers love and boys hate, the girl who is supposed to grow up and become a successful doctor, lawyer or – thanks to some diversity initiative – a woman CEO, and at the same time a devoted wife and mother of three. But, due to a syntax error in my DNA, it soon became clear to me that art was the only path to my self-fulfillment. After a B.A. in Communications, Media and Culture and a M.A. in Text and Performance Studies (at King’s College London & RADA), I studied acting, as I had always wanted. However, despite my love for Euripides, Shakespeare, Ibsen and Tennessee Williams, I never felt a sense of belonging until I started doing improv.

Comedy is the only way to try and have a laugh with darkness, mortality and the human condition. It is crucial for my sanity, self-preservation, and the way I perceive the world and my position in it. From calling up hypocrisy in satire to creating funny characters and chasing the perfect (or silly little) joke, trying to make people laugh, think or forget, that’s what I want to do: write and perform comedy. And not just because it gives me license to unleash my inner fool proudly and happily, but because if I can make people feel happy, hopeful or less lonely, it will be the closest I’ll ever get to being a heart-surgeon. (And my grand-mother always wanted me to marry one!)